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9th Regional of Americas

The Call for Papers to the 9th Congress of the Americas, and other useful information will be available later this week in: ileraamericas2017.org

I also send you the Submission Guidelines:

1. Authors are required to send the abstract or full paper/s to the following email address: presidencia@artra.org.ar, or upload to the ILERAAMERICAS 2017 website, (ileraamericas.org) by 1st May 2017.-

Manuscripts have to be in Spanish or English.-

At the beginning of the paper, the following information should be reflected: a) Title of paper; b) Family name, first name of the corresponding autor/s; c) E-mail address of each autor; d)Author/s institutions: (university, department, institution), city, country; e) the presenting autor.- A biography of the presenting autor, should be provided, (not more than 90 words).- Submission should be on A4 size paper, with double-space text, and using either Arial or Times New Roman 12pts. The contents of the paper must be between 4000 and 8000 words.- Manuscripts must in PDF format.- 7. Authors must submit a full paper by no later than 1st. July 2017.-You will be notified whether your paper will be allocated to a plenary or workshop by 1 August 2017.-

Best regards, Eleonora Peliza

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